Anna Akana Hosted A Takeover And Now We're Obsessed With Her

Are you ready for your new favorite cast member?

First we get an amazing Season 3 Premiere and now we get an awesome new character? Stitchers, you're spoiling us!

So what do we know about Anna Akana? She hosts a super addictive Youtube channel, she's going to be a regular guest on Stitchers, and (drumroll please) she hosted a Stitchers takeover on June 2. Are you ready to check out all the best moments from it below?

1. Fans were super excited about her takeover.

Have you seen those comments? There's so much speculation and we haven't even met her yet.

2. She introduced her character, Amanda Weston.

She also let it slip that she was filming the second to last episode so we know she's a recurring character.

3. She gave us a sneak peek of Amanda's wardrobe.

"Amanda definitely has a cooler wardrobe than Anna. 🙃" - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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Please tell us where to buy those pants, Anna.

4. She rocked the "Shirley Temple" look.

"Hair ✅ (almost)." - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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Her giggle is all kinds of adorable.

5. She flashed us her badge.

"LEGIT." - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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So now we know she's working as a medical examiner - the plot thickens.

6. She showed us this crazy picture.

"I'm outta this world. 🌎" - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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The lab has really changed since Season 2, huh?

7. And then she confused us even more with a behind-the-scenes video.

"Hello from the other planet." - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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Maybe they stitch with an alien this season? Maybe Camsten elope to Mars? Maybe this is a different set? So many questions...

8. She got everyone excited about Camanda.

"Camanda at your service." - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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We didn't think we were ready for a new favorite pairing but we so are.

9. She shared "the dream" with us.

"I live the best life. This is my world." - @AnnaAkana #AnnaTakeover #Stitchers

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And apparently, part of that dream is becoming a Rockabilly DJ Medical Examiner.

10. Basically, she totally won our hearts.

And she reminded us to keep watching Stitchers Season 3, which we most definitely will.

Watch the Season 3 Premiere now on Freeform!

How do you think Amanda is going to fit into the team? Let us know in the comments.

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