Get Ready For Some Serious Relationship Drama In The S3E5 Music Guide

All our Stitchers ships might be sinking.

Stitchers is back, and so is the drama. Get the details on every song below and don't forget to watch season 3 episode 5 right here on Freeform.

1. Cameron is helping Kirsten paint her bedroom when Camille bursts in to give them some news on the case.

'When You Gonna Give Me Some Time?' by Paul Cook & The Chronicles plays while Camille makes it clear that she has no understanding of boundaries.

2. Camille is being kind of distant with Amanda, which results in an argument.

With the future of Camanda in peril, 'Dreaming and Driving' by Sly Joe & The Smooth Operators provides a dramatic soundtrack.

3. After a flashback to his lonely childhood, Linus finds comfort in his present day friendship with Cameron.

'Gold Moon' by Together PANGEA plays in the background, making us really want to join the party.

4. Camille tries to patch things up with Amanda, but royally messes it up.

Amanda doesn't want to be somebody's "shot" and we don't want to stop listening to 'Dreamer' (feat. Kaptan) by Mokita.

5. Cameron, Linus, and Camille have flashbacks to their difficult childhoods.

While our hearts break for our baby Stitchers, 'Postcards From Eden' by Xenia plays in the background.

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