How Popular Are Your Stitchers Opinions?

Challenge yourself against the rest of the fandom.

Think your Stitchers opinions are the best? Time to test yourself with the rest of the fans.

We all have different feelings for the characters in Stitchers. Take this quiz to find out how the rest of the fandom feels about your picks. And remember Season 3 of Stitchers premieres on Freeform June 5.

Would you rather...

Who do you most want to see Camille with?

Who is the worst?

Would you rather go on a date with...

What's your favorite nickname Cameron gives to Kirsten?

Would you rather wear...

Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with?

Would you rather sleep every night...

Who in the gang do you want to be your best friend?

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Tough time deciding? Tell us which choice was hardest in the comments below.

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