Stitchers Fans It's Time To Relive The 14 Best Moments Of The #CamstenTakeover

Emma and Kyle are the perfect team.

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The cast and crew have been giving us lots of sneak peeks behind the scenes so that we are super ready for Season 3. Check out the best moments of the recent #Camsten Takeover, and don't forget you can binge Season 1 and 2 right here.

1. Last week we got the perfect couple's takeover.

2. Emma and Kyle were up bright and early to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the set.

"The best part of waking up is #Camsten in your cup." - @EmmaIshta + @kmoolah #CamstenTakeover #Stitchers

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3. Kyle really loves getting his hair and makeup done.

"I start each morning getting punched repeatedly by a makeup brush." - @kmoolah #CamstenTakeover #Stitchers

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4. Emma is all of us when we need food. Or just when we hear there's food somewhere in the building.

"Hangry." - @kmoolah #CamstenTakeover #Stitchers

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5. Need a professional photographer for an upcoming event?

6. Sometimes you just need to sit down and relax. Maybe in a sink.

7. Finding the perfect tunes for the day.

8. Kyle and Emma look so cozy together in bed! Is this a hint about their characters in Season 3?

9. Kyle's working that ladder.

10. They're even creating their own photo filters.

"Who needs a Snapchat filter? Pt. 1." - @kmoolah #CamstenTakeover #Stitchers

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11. Who wore it best? Vote in the comments.

"Who needs a Snapchat filter? Pt. 2." - @EmmaIshta #CamstenTakeover #Stitchers

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12. Emma is really grateful to have a professional stylist on hand 24/7.

13. The duo asked this important question:

Their answers might surprise you.

14. Tune in June 5 for more #Camsten on Stitchers Season 3 after the premiere of Shadowhunters Season 2B!

And binge Stitchers Season 1 and 2 right here, right now.

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