Stitchers Official Music Guide Season 3 Episode 6

The game is on.

In season 3 episode 6 'The Gremlin And The Fixer', the team discover the grungy underground world of competitive gaming. Get the details on the soundtrack below and watch the latest episodes of Stitchers right here on Freeform.

Cameron and Linus play video games and discuss their relationships.

The guys discuss their girl troubles while listening to 'Shapeshifter' (Blue Stahli Remix) by Celldweller (feat. Styles of Beyond).

The team discover an underground gaming club.

To solve the case, they need to battle it out arcade-style. We hear the adrenaline-fueled 'No More' by The Qemists playing through all their matches.

Cameron steps into the gaming arena.

He battles one of the gamers, wins the game and then starts a fistfight -- all to the perfect soundtrack of 'Atom Bomb' by Beach Slang.

Cameron nurses a black eye and questions Zelda about the case.

Apparently he can turn on the charm even when injured. We can hear 'In With Them' by Kissing Cousins in the background.

Cameron and Zelda are set to play against each other.

'Watch Me Do It' by Icy Black plays as their match is hyped up.

Cameron tries to apologize to Kirsten. Later, Kirsten and Ivy share a moment.

The beautiful 'Waiting Around' by Aisha Badru plays throughout.

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