Things Get Steamy In The Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 Music Guide

You might want to put the AC on...

Kirsten had a and heavy time in the stitch this week.

And there was an equally hot and heavy soundtrack to go with it. Get all the info on the music used in Stitchers season 3 episode 2 below.

1. Kirsten gets hot under the collar when she stitches into Sabine's intimate memories.

The sultry music playing in the background while Kirsten tries to keep herself cool is 'Summer Lie' by Áine Aura.

2. Kirsten finally finds some clues from Sabine's memories of her passionate love affair with Nick.

As it becomes clear that Sabine had ulterior motives for her relationship with Nick, 'Evergreens' by Violents, Jeremy Larson & Annie Williams plays, keeping everything steamy.

3. Camille is surprised to find Amanda DJing at a nightclub.

The sparks fly between this seriously perfect couple as 'The Fool (Frederik Olufsen Remix)' by Solar Taxi plays in the club.

4. Seriously disappointed by Maggie's decision at the lab, Camille marches into the same nightclub from earlier and passionately kisses Amanda.

'Until You Find Me' by TeamMate provides the soundtrack while we picked our jaws off the ground.

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