We're Getting Serious Summer Vibes From The Stitchers S3E4 Music Guide

Solving crime has one kickass playlist.

Despite tackling one of the most mind-bending cases so far, the stitching team manages to spend loads of quality time together.

The best part? It's all to an amazing soundtrack. Cameron and Linus work out together, Camille and Amanda host a double date dinner party, and Cameron and Kirsten manage to fit in a relaxed meal at home. Watch S3E4 right here on Freeform and check out the music guide below.

1. Linus and Cameron discuss the oxytocin issue.

Times have been tough for Camsten ever since they discovered it was their - ahem - proximity which was messing up the stitching connection. Cameron blows off some steam and unwinds with Linus while listening to 'Go On' by Soft Swells.

2. Camille and Amanda host a dinner party.

In an effort for Camille and Ivy to be better friends, Camanda host a dinner party and invite Linus and Ivy. There are amazing cocktails (courtesy of Amanda) and a great playlist that features '2AM, Chinatown' by Julian Jasper.

3. Cameron and Kirsten have dinner and discuss the case.

So they're not really allowed to touch, but Camsten are still making the most of their time together by eating take out and trying to unravel this week's case. In the background, we can hear 'Archetype' (feat. Lila Rose) by Emily Afton.

4. Cameron and Kirsten uncover some new information.

In the middle of having dinner, Kirsten realizes that Abbott is more involved with the case than they previously thought, prompting a sudden reshuffle of everyone's plans for the evening. All of this is done to the backdrop of the super cool track 'The Monster' by From Indian Lakes.

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