Are The Bemmett Days Truly Over?

We don't know what to think!

Switched at Birth S5E3 ended on such a cliffhanger with Emmett texting Bay and asking her to come over. We totally thought something was going to happen between them, but then it turned out that Emmett just wanted to ask Bay if he could take photos of her giving someone a tattoo for a class project! She told Emmett that she was flattered, but that she couldn't ink clients at the shop yet. But then Emmett suggested she give HIM a tattoo and Bay agreed to check with Noelle and think about it. That guy is just so persuasive!

Switched at Birth - Are The Bemmett Days Truly Over? - 1002

Turns out Bay's persuasive skills are just as impressive because she actually got Noelle to agree to let her use her shop! The deal was ON. Bay did try to tell Travis about it all, but when she went to talk to him it was obvious how stressed out he was about regionals coming up. Despite Toby's advice about just being honest if there was nothing to worry about, Bay decided to wait until after regionals to tell Travis. We had no doubt that Bay was only doing what she thought best for him.

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Bay and Emmett were having a great time discussing what tattoo he should get up until the point that he brought up Travis. He had totally guessed that Bay hadn't told Travis about their project, but Bay insisted that it just wasn't the right time. After they agreed NOT to talk about Travis, they got back to discussing the tattoo. After some goofing around (friendly goofing around), they eventually decided on inking Ripley -- Emmett's old motorcycle!

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But then things seemed to veer into a more romantic territory. Emmett reminded Bay about the billboard he vandalized with her art and Bay said that that was easily one of the coolest moments of her life. Emmett told her that she would soon forget all about it when she became a famous tattoo artist, but Bay insisted that that would never happen. There were no doubt sparks flying between these two -- they couldn't seem to take their eyes off one another.

Switched at Birth - Are The Bemmett Days Truly Over? - 1008

What was Bay doing?! She's with Travis. Beautiful, lovely Travis who went all the way to China to be with her (and then practically brought China back to her apartment)! We couldn't help but think that this whole tattoo thing was going to blow up and you know what? We were RIGHT. Just as Emmett and Travis made amends, Travis spotted Emmett's tattoo.

Switched at Birth - Are The Bemmett Days Truly Over? - 1010

Travis was furious. And he was sure there was something going on between Bay and Emmett since Bay hadn't told him about the tattoo. Bay tried to make him see that the only reason she hadn't told him was because he was so stressed about regionals -- she didn't want him to have another thing to worry about. She promised that her and Emmett were just friends, but Travis didn't want to hear it. Later, Bay confronted Emmett and asked him if he was wanting to get back together with her. When Emmett said that he wasn't sure, Bay told him that as long as she was with Travis, they couldn't be friends.

Switched at Birth - Are The Bemmett Days Truly Over? - 1012

What's going to happen now?! Are Emmett and Bay REALLY not going to be friends? And will Travis be able to forgive Bay? Surely, once he calms down he'll be able to listen to reason? We NEED answers to our questions!

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