Can We PLEASE Talk About All The Love Drama In S5E3?

We need to get this off our chests.

S5E3 of Switched at Birth was one roller coaster ride of emotions when it came to all of our favorite couples. Bay found out that Mary Beth was dating Tank, Tank told Mary Beth that she was a terrible person, Toby and Lily got married while they were in a middle of a heated argument, and Regina and Luca became official (despite John trying to set Luca up with Daphne)! After such a dramatic episode, we think it's time to take a deep breath and go through all the love drama bit by bit...

Mary Beth is dating Tank.

Switched at Birth - Can We PLEASE Talk About All The Love Drama In S5E3? - 1002

Okay, we did NOT see this coming! Since Mary Beth's birthday was coming up, Bay decided to make her an extra special present in the hope that it would help Mary Beth forgive her, but on delivering it she found out that Mary Beth was actually dating Tank! Bay was understandably furious, considering what happened in Season 4, and so was Travis. He actually called Mary Beth a "terrible" person, which totally broke our hearts. But THEN it came out that Mary Beth had been going through a really rough time and that Tank had been the one to get her through it so we just didn't know how we felt about the whole situation and apparently, neither did Bay. Will she and Mary Beth be friends again?

Toby and Lily got married while they were in the middle of an argument.

Switched at Birth - Can We PLEASE Talk About All The Love Drama In S5E3? - 1003

So Lily caught Toby watching a soccer game while she was busy getting everything sorted for the wedding and this spiraled into a MASSIVE argument. Lily was annoyed that Toby worked all the time and was never at home. We also found out that Toby was secretly gambling again. Toby was annoyed that Lily was so controlling around Carlton, and OH MY GOD, he went as far as to call Lilly a "mom-zilla." Our hearts actually stopped at this point. And we thought they'd surely postpone the wedding, but that wasn't an option. The wedding went on and it was hilarious. While Toby softly placed the ring on Lily's finger and gave such a sweet speech, Lily just wanted to get the whole thing over and done with. Thankfully, they managed to talk things through after the ceremony and make up. Toby finally got to kiss his bride and it was beautiful.

Regina and Luca are official!

Switched at Birth - Can We PLEASE Talk About All The Love Drama In S5E3? - 1004

Isn't it sort of funny how the relationship that we THOUGHT would cause the most drama actually caused the least? Regina was terrified about her family finding out about Luca, but it actually all went pretty smoothly. As Regina said herself, "everybody is handling this much better than I thought they would." We guess that a little drama stemmed from John trying to set Daphne up with Luca, but even that was more hilarious than anything. It wasn't like Daphne liked Luca in that way -- THAT would have been awkward -- but she just saw him as a friend. And what a great friend he was! So yeah, that's it: Lugina are OFFICIAL, and we are starting to really, really ship them.

Bay and Travis seem to be doing great, but what about Emmett?

Switched at Birth - Can We PLEASE Talk About All The Love Drama In S5E3? - 1005

So Bay and Travis are doing really well, REALLY well. Remember how Travis brought the whole of China (kind of) to Bay's apartment? We're still not over that one. We didn't really know what was going to happen between them after Emmett told Bay that he never should have let her go, but Bay seemed to have chosen Travis and was happy. But then SUDDENLY she lies to Travis about having to work and texts Emmett as soon as he leaves? Obviously, she must be worried about Emmett since he's going through such a hard time, but why lie to Travis? Do you think she's just doing it because she knows that it might upset him? Also, why does Emmett really need to speak to Bay? We have so many questions about this that next Tuesday cannot come quick enough!

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