Check Out This Official Music Guide To Relive All The Best Songs From S5E8

You will love these.

This week's soundtrack was PERFECT!

If you're as obsessed with Bay and Daphne's adventures as we are, then you're going to want to check out this music guide. And if you're missing the show already, you can rewatch the latest episodes of Switched at Birth right here on Freeform!

1. Bay and Ally try and get people to come to their party. Simone arrives and has a very awkward conversation with Bay.

While Bay tries her best to keep everything together, 'Howl' by Dutch Party plays in the café. Click here to listen to this amazing track.

2. Chris and Daphne take turns in the batting cages.

And they practice their swings to the tune of 'Danger' by Deer Mother, a track which you can find right here!

3. Daphne, Ally, and Travis try to get Bay into the spirit of the party.

And the track that plays as the party gets underway is 'Get It Over With' by Air Traffic Controller, a song which you can find right here on iTunes!

4. Bay introduces Travis to Simone. Daphne and Chris shamelessly flirt.

The party rocks to the tune 'Amazon' by GRRL PAL. Find this awesome track right here!

5. Daphne and Chris continue to flirt, but then Daphne has to ask Chris a really serious question.

And in the background we hear 'Feel Better' by PM To You, a really great piece of music!

6. Daphne asks Travis what would happen to the baseball team if someone was taking steroids.

Travis lets Daphne know all about the terrible consequences while 'Fever' by The Spin Silhouette adds to the tension.

7. Bay and Simone accidentally let the party spill downstairs into The Cracked Mug.

The song playing in the background while Bay tries to keep the party back is 'Paralyzed' by Glowtape.

8. Luca walks in on the party in The Cracked Mug, and disaster strikes when Bay gets a little too careless.

The song playing just before the mugs come tumbling down is 'Let's Go' by The Launderettes. You can get this awesome song on iTunes!

9. Bay says goodbye to an old friend.

The soundtrack to this bittersweet parting is 'Best Day of Your Life' by Katie Herzig, which you can find right here.

Check out the official Switched at Birth Spotify playlist:

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