Listen To The Music & Songs From The Switched At Birth Series Finale Episode

Listening to these songs is the perfect way to say goodbye.

The Official Season 5 Episode 10 Music Guide is here.

The Switched at Birth series finale was so beautiful and left us emotionally drained. We can't believe it's all over. Relive the most joyful moments - and the tragic ones - with our music guide below. Remember, you can rewatch the full episode here.

1. Daphne and Emmett talk at the show.

'Swan Song (for Bella)' by Jennifer O'Connor plays softly in the background.

2. Bay spots Jordan at the party.

The upbeat 'All I Want' by The Happy Problem creates a real party atmosphere.

3. Kathryn tries to confront John about the DNA test.

'Dawn of the New Age' by I Don't Speak French plays throughout the scene.

4. Melody tells Travis how proud she is of him.

'In the Yard' by Bowerbirds helps make this a really touching moment.

5. The three kids reminisce about the past.

The joyful 'Burn it Down' by Chantal Claret is the backing track.

6. Regina breaks up with Luca.

The mellow vibe of 'Vice' by Cub Sport makes this an especially emotional moment.

7. Toby arrives at his interview.

'5678!' by Butterfly Boucher creates a fun and relaxed mood.

8. Kathryn encourages Daphne to follow her dream.

This scene is full of hope and 'Island of Mine' by Sky Barbarick is the perfect song for it.

9. Bay is upset that her father doesn't support her career choice.

The high energy 'Bring You Down' by Riot Brides mirrors John and Bay's anger.

10. Travis tells Bay about his decision to move to Japan.

'Start a Riot' by Flint Eastwood plays quietly while Travis and Bay face a huge obstacle in their relationship.

11. Regina tells Daphne her news.

'I Don't Know a Thing' by Lucy Schwartz is a gentle accompaniment for this moving moment.

12. Bay tells Travis that she isn't coming with him.

'Hawaii' by Evan Roman builds throughout this is a bittersweet scene.

13. Daphne and Mingo tell each other how they feel.

This happy moment is reflected in the perfect song choice: 'World Spins Madly On' by The Weepies

14. Bay and Emmett say goodbye.

The wonderfully uplifting 'We Rise Like Smoke' by Kyler England plays as we see a montage of Bay and Emmett's relationship.

15. The family gather together to watch a comet fly through the night sky.

'Battle Cry' by Kyler England is the final song ever on Switched at Birth and it's such a fitting way to say goodbye to the characters we've all grown to love!

Watch the full episode again here.

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