Get Ready To Cry Along With The Seriously Emotional Tunes Of S5E9

Disclaimer: the last track will give you some serious feels.

S5E9 just wouldn't have been the same without this expertly chosen soundtrack! With that in mind, check out our music guide and get ready for some serious feels. And don't forget, you can catch up on the new episodes of Switched at Birth right here on Freeform!

1. Toby made plans to install some security in The Cracked Mug for Regina.

And the tune that played in the café, which gave the whole scene a really chill vibe, was 'Dashboard Drummer' by Jesse Thomas.

2. Eric begged Regina to run away with him and Will, but despite how much she wanted to say yes, Regina decided that she had to stay.

And while we were all crying, 'Kill The Darlings' by The Well Pennies. just made everything ten times more heartbreaking.

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What was your favorite tune from S5E9?

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