Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story!

We are seriously starting to ship this couple.

At first we thought they were just study partners...

But then "that thing" started happening with Regina's phone and BOOM we realized that there was actually something going on between them! We're not going to lie, we liked Luca from the beginning. He was smart, cute, and he seemed to really like Regina -- although who wouldn't? She's smart, independent, and FEISTY! We actually thought they would be a good fit.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1002

A REALLY good fit.

But then Daphne accidentally met Luca, and Regina started FREAKING OUT. Like Luca, we could totally tell what Regina was thinking: Daphne and Luca are getting on really well... AND they're close in age. Oh my God, what am I doing?! I can't go out with someone half my age!!! I need to end this now.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1005

So then that's what happened. After the next study session, Regina asked Luca to stay behind so they could talk. Luca tried to tell her that their age difference was irrelevant, but Regina insisted that since her last relationship ended horribly, she just wanted something simple. Luca said, "You and I have a connection... And you know that," but Regina, with tears in her eyes, begged him not to make the break up any harder that it already was. Our hearts were breaking with theirs. WHY WAS SHE DOING THIS?!

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1007

In the next episode, Regina made a reference that Luca didn't understand because he was apparently so young. We were screaming at our screens, "THE AGE DIFFERENCE IS NOT THAT BIG A DEAL", but it was all Regina could see. In class, Regina and Luca were grouped with Aidan for a project. You remember Aidan, don't you? He was that AWFUL kid who stole Bay's design and used it to sell offensive shirts? Well, he's back and he is WORSE than ever. He was not happy to be grouped with Lugina - "Oh great, the mom and the jarhead" - and he definitely proved himself to be the worst group member in the history of horrible group members.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1009

So. Regina, Luca, and Aidan (bleh) had to raise The Cracked Mug's daily revenue by 10% to pass their project. Luca was so impressed with the solid business The Cracked Mug already brought in, but Aidan said that the place was like a graveyard. Seriously, what is this guy's problem? They eventually decided to host a video game night, and it seemed like a totally solid plan.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1011

But THEN Regina brought in video games from the 1980s and Aidan was FURIOUS because he was hoping for game consoles that were a bit more modern. Luca, however, was lovely about the whole thing. He said they could use both the modern games AND the slightly older ones so they could have an "old school meets new school" kind of vibe.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1013

We loved how great Luca was being, but it also made us sad because we were beginning to like him even more -- we knew that Regina had broken up with a really good guy. Things weren't even awkward between them! They were just THAT good together. But anyway, they went ahead and did the whole "old school meets new school vibe", but then disaster struck and the Wi-Fi cut out. SPOILER: Aidan was furious again, but Regina managed to get customers to stay by persuading them to have a PacMan tournament! What a gal.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1015

Later on, we found out that Luca had actually unplugged the router! HE UNPLUGGED THE ROUTER!!! And you know why? Because he believed in Regina and her idea! Again, we were like, "OH THIS GUY IS JUST THE BEST", but then we were like, "OH REGINA WHY CAN'T YOU BE WITH HIM?!". We were so emotionally conflicted. BUT THEN, the most romantic and sexy thing in the history of romantic and sexy things happened. Luca put his hands on Regina's chair, he spun her around to face him, and he said, "You're not getting it, Vasquez. I don't care. Your age has never mattered to me. I like you and you like me". And you know what happened next? Regina said that she DID like him and they kissed!!!!!

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1017

In the next episode, Regina said that she thought it was time for her to tell her family that she was in a relationship. Luca was totally up for it, but Regina wanted everyone to get to know him a little bit before she "dropped the bomb". She was really freaking out about the whole age difference thing. So Luca told her to just say the word and he would commence a charm offensive. If anything, his charm offensive was a little too successful as John TOTALLY fell in love with him (a father/son-in-law kind of love) and he became adamant to set Luca up with Daphne.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1019

This was both awkward and hilarious, but it was more hilarious than anything. It was clear that Daphne wasn't interested in Luca that way (THAT would have been awkward), but she did really like him. How could she not? The guy gives great advice. Regina, however, did feel a little awkward about it all. Especially when she saw how keen John was to set Luca up with her daughter. She sort of had to tell him the truth at that point and you know what? It was AMAZING. She was all like, "Why is it men your age can date women way younger and no one bats an eye, but when it's a woman it's like she's robbing a daycare?" and we were all like, "YES GO REGINA!!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!". So John eventually got the point, and he was actually kind of sweet.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1021

Then Regina decided to tell Daphne and again, she was FREAKING OUT. She was talking a mile a minute so Daphne had to calm her down. She told her mom that Luca's a great guy and that if she's happy with him then she is too. Regina was shocked, and again, it just proved our point (and Luca's) that the whole age difference thing really wasn't that big a deal.

Switched at Birth - Happily Ever After? Let's Recap On The Lugina Love Story! - 1023

So. Lugina are together and it's official! There's still some people to be told, but we're sure it'll go just as smoothly. We are SO happy!!!!! We really, really, really love these two together. There is so much chemistry between them (their kisses are HOT) and Luca seems like such a caring and sweet guy -- he's just the right amount of calm for Regina. We can't wait to see what's in store for them next week!

Do you love Lugina as much as we do? Tell us in the comments!

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