It's Time To Check Out Our Official S5E6 Music Guide

There are some serious tunes this week!

1. Bay gets her first client, but she doesn't keep him for very long.

And while Bay's embarrassment intensifies, "I Don't Care" by Giraffe is playing in the tattoo parlor. Listen to it here!

2. Regina meets a mysterious customer at her café, but there's more to him than meets the eye...

"Keep it Going" by Nadia Fay plays in The Cracked Mug while Luca reveals that the mysterious man is actually his dad! You could've prepared Regina for that, Luca!

3. John and Kathryn finally resolve their "problem".

And while these two lovebirds get back on track, the gorgeous "Bobby's Flowers" by The Delta Riggs plays quietly.

4. And Daphne gets to know Ally, a patient at her clinic, who reveals something that got us all choking up.

The sweet and heartfelt "Paper Legs" by Sky Barbarick plays while Daphne gets some of the most difficult, yet the most wonderful news she's ever heard. You can listen to that track here!

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