Relive The Emotional Journey Of S5E7 By Listening To The Beautiful Soundtrack

These songs made everything more emotional.

1. Bay and Travis almost solve their relationship difficulties...

You can hear 'Love/Idleness' by Wardell as Bay and Travis "reconnect". Click here to get the tune!

2. Emmett and Travis finally make up!

And while Travis gives Emmett the green light to hang with Bay, 'Connected' by Luke Dick plays on in the background. Love the tune? Get it right here!

3. Bay gives Ally a second chance under Angelo's tree.

And while Ally makes amends, 'From the Sky' by Peter Bradley Adams plays. Click here to find out more about this tune.

4. Bay begins to tattoo Angelo's tree over Ally's scar.

'Lose That Light' by Folly & the Hunter plays in Bombshell Betty's as Bay begins her work on Ally's tattoo. Hear more of the song here.

5. Regina finds a connection with Angelo through Ally.

And while this incredibly emotional scene gets underway, we can hear the beautiful 'Fight On' by Natalie Taylor.

You can listen to the Switched At Birth soundtrack here!

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