You Have To Check Out These 10 Huge Differences Between Episode 1 And Episode 100

Switched at Birth has only gotten better and BETTER!

This week was the 100th episode of Switched at Birth!

Can you believe it has been 100 episodes already? So many tears (of joy and sadness), so many break ups, so many reunions, so many hugs, so many arrests...good times. And it's crazy how much the cast have changed in the last five seasons. Check out all the differences below!

1. Bay

Maybe we thought she was a little bit spoiled in the beginning, but she has now grown into an amazing young woman and we love her.

2. Daphne

Our girl has gone through a lot and come out the other side a much stronger person. She's our hero!

3. Toby

In the beginning, Toby found it hard to deal with having a new sister, but now they're best friends! And he's always there for the girls when they need advice.

4. Regina

She knew about the baby switching before anyone else, but that doesn't mean it didn't take her time to adjust to the new family dynamic! Losing Angelo was really hard on her, but she stayed strong for her girls.

5. Kathryn

She kind of wanted to be in control of both of her daughters, but she soon learned that three parents are better than one!

6. John

He embraced his new daughter while making sure that Bay didn't feel replaced. That's a pretty difficult balancing act!

7. Emmett

He has been going through some difficulties this season, but we know he'll get through it. And even if he and Bay aren't dating we're just glad they're still friends!

8. Friendship

We knew from the minute we saw Bay and Daphne that they'd be the perfect sisters. Over the years they've only grown closer and proven that blood isn't always thicker than water!

9. Family

There were definitely some bumps in the road, but now the Vasquez-Kennish squad is tighter than ever. We're seriously jealous of this accidental family!

10. Extended Family

Abuela Adriana was our secret favorite member of the family back in Season 1. Now we are so happy to have Lily as Toby's wife and Carlton as the newest member of the Kennish clan!

Have you seen the 100th episode of Switched at Birth yet? Watch it right here on Freeform!

And tell us which change has shocked you the most since Season 1.

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