Exclusive Video: Find Out What Advice Katie Stevens Has For Young Women

Repeat after Katie: You are enough.

This Summer, The Bold Type quickly became one of our favorite shows. It's full of empowering story lines, amazing fashion, and a soundtrack that can't be beat. We spoke to Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, and asked her what advice she would give to young women, and what article she would like to write for Scarlet magazine. Check out the exclusive clips below.

What advice would Katie give to young women?

We love that she talked about self-acceptance giving you room to grow.

What article would Katie write for Scarlet?

We love this article. Don't miss Meghann Fahy's answer to the same question in the exclusive video right here.

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Let us know what you think of Katie's answers, and tell us what you would write for Scarlet magazine in the comments below.

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