How Popular Are Your The Bold Type Season 2 Opinions?

Don't pretend you don't have an opinion on Pinstripe ...

We can't believe that season 2 of The Bold Type has finished already. And so much happened in those 10 episodes! More importantly, we really want to know what you thought of this season. Make some extremely difficult decisions below and see if your opinions match up with the rest of the fandom.

Choose your favorite friendship moment:

Choose Jacqueline's best advice:

Choose whether or not you think Sutton was right to put her money on her career:

Choose a quote of Oliver's:

Choose whether or not you think Jacqueline should join the board:

Choose the most romantic moment:

Choose the most annoying Cleo moment:

Choose the moment that shocked you the most:

Who should Jane choose:

Choose whether or not you think Kadena should break up:

Tell us how much you loved season 2 in the comments!

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