My Night With The Feminist Stripper

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Always wanted to read the articles Jane writes for Scarlet, the fictional magazine inspired by Cosmopolitan featured on The Bold Type? We have too. Luckily, sexologist Shannon Boodram has channeled the voice of Jane and done just that. Check out the article that put Jane in a compromising position in season 1 episode 5, 'No Feminism in the Champagne Room' then watch the episode again right here on Freeform.

A toned, tanned and wonderfully-wigged woman held her body, and the room’s breath, at the highest point of the room. With their necks craned and mouths open, the crowd followed her every move, praying that for just one moment she would lock eyes and validate their very existence. The only people whose attention she did not hold were the two massive men standing by, protecting and honoring her role as the people’s performer - not their property.

In a blink of an eye she dropped down and even though she had done this many times during her act - the stunt still lit up the room. Her audience exchanged thrilled and tormented glances that affirmed just how desired, envied and feared this woman who defied gravity, and society, truly was.

If I described this scene to you centuries ago you would assume I was speaking about the great leader and conqueror Cleopatra but in 2017 the woman I am speaking of is a stripper, whom for privacy’s sake we will call Morgyn Stanley.

Stanley is definitely not your average stripper: A self-proclaimed feminist with a degree from a prestigious university and a designer wardrobe, Stanley once made more money than any of her customers (perhaps even combined) as a Wall Street Wolf. Most noteworthy of all, she left the money, power and respect behind to pursue sensuality, empowerment and seduction as a 4-inch-heeled dancer.

Three years earlier, before Stanley knew what turn her life would take, she already knew how to command a crowd because she knew precisely where she was going.

“In my one-inch heels I would slice through the intersection at Broadway and Wall Street like butter,” said Stanley. “I would move pedestrians and cars out of my way with my gaze as I powered back to my desk to close deals that would make any man with a briefcase blush. The funny thing is even though I knew I had this power that could move mountains, at work if I showed the slightest hint of it, I risked having those same mountains crash down on me. They don’t want you to be sexual and smart because they don’t know how to control that resource. As a woman on Wall Street I had to get smart about masking my sexy, as an exotic dancer I am smart at being sexy.”

And to be clear Stanley didn’t trade riches for rhinestones - she still maintains residency at a sky-scraping Manhattan apartment and still fills up her V8 SUV without glancing at the gas prices first. Although there was somewhat of a pay cut with her career swap, being the shrewd number-cruncher she is, Stanley deduced her lifetime earning potential is actually higher than ever.

“Stress debilitates you. Suppression debilitates you. The more time you spend sick and tired, the less time you can spend capitalizing. Yeah sure I was making good money, but also I was losing the best parts of myself,” said Stanley. “I don’t want to be chained to someone’s idea of me. Give me freedom.”

Freedom. I repeated that word over and over in my mind as I watched Stanley finish her routine: splits, flips, spins, caresses and all. I scanned the room to gauge other’s faces, then looked for the man in the nicest suit and pictured that in a life not too long ago, this was her colleague. I glanced back at Stanley to see if she too had made this connection but, instead of focusing on the past, she was fully in the present. She spun around the poll one last time then smiled and winked at me. I forgot my train of thought all together. The man in the suit and all of the other faces faded to black as Stanley exited the stage with everything she had earned and all the power we could ever desire in tow.

Written for Freeform by Shannon Boodram

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