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Always wanted to read the articles Jane writes for Scarlet, the fictional magazine inspired by Cosmopolitan featured on The Bold Type? We have too. Luckily, sexologist Shannon Boodram has channeled the voice of Jane and done just that. Check out Jane's searing commentary that she wrote in season 1 episode 3 'The Woman Behind the Clothes' then watch the episode again right here on Freeform.

Not all heroes wear capes, not all men wear the pants and clearly not all politicians dress to kill... Some, like Congresswoman Helen Wolfe, dress to distract.

Watch-the-birdie politics seems to be trendy even though it is always in absolute poor taste. Some politicians turn to Twitter, Congresswoman Wolfe turns into tacky.

By using clothing to not only set her stage but to also throw a smoke bomb on it, Wolfe has taken a page out of The Women’s Secret Weapon Book and according to her voting record, has aimed it right at our environment.

“When I choose an outfit, I’m always thinking... How can I use fashion to my advantage?” said Congresswoman Helen Wolfe in an exclusive Scarlet interview.

Sometimes the advantage she speaks of is relating to a conservative crowd, sometimes it’s connecting with a younger audience but most disappointingly, often the advantage she is seeking is to call attention away from her questionable voting record on environmental issues.

Wolfe, who only agreed to take the interview under the premise that we discussed clothing not voting, has a well-manicured and expertly curated style for the most part. Perhaps like many of us she grew up playing dress-up in great women’s shoes who we could only dream of one day fitting. Or maybe, just maybe, she learned a twisted lesson from one of the hardest losses in recent history.

“We all saw what Hillary went through. The day after each debate, her pantsuits were more scrutinized than her policy,” says Wolfe.

So Wolfe, an incredibly smart and accomplished woman on course to be the future of the Democratic Party has taken Clinton’s lead without directly following in her fallen footsteps. Wolfe has been making horrific fashion choices that have been more scrutinized than her horrific policy choices. The day she voted against stricter limits on power plant emissions, she wore a lime green pantsuit. The day she wore an odd-shade-of-pink is the day she gave a press conference defending her dubious stance on solar energy use. It appears her clothes go beyond making a statement and into being a blatant smokescreen with fog so dense that many Democrats have lost sight of the woman behind the clothes.

In 1995 Marcia Clark was astonished to discover that in the media her wardrobe was just as much on trial as O.J. Simpson while she prosecuted him for murder. Twenty years later America learned during the Hillary Clinton campaign that if you are a woman your clothes are often louder than your own voice. As Wolfe stated she watched and learned from all of this and to her credit has managed to expertly turn lemons into lemonade. Unfortunately it is the earth she is giving the pits to.

As a woman who admittedly knows less about fashion than I do about environmental issues, I urge Congresswoman Wolfe not to twist this article as a style critique or as a call to stop choosing checkered clothes to mask her checkered platform. Instead I hope she sees that at least we at Scarlet don’t care what she wears when she stands in front of a crowd as much as we care what she puts her signature on when all bets and clothes are off.

Written for Freeform by Shannon Boodram

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