The Bold Type Premiere Music Guide Part 2: Crushes, Work Drama, And Yoni Eggs

The perfect soundtrack for everything awesome and awkward today.

The Bold Type's 2-hour premiere gave us twice as many amazing songs to fall in love with. Check out featured tracks from the premiere's second episode with the music guide below and relive your favorite moments.

Jane, Kat, and Sutton try Scarlet's latest sex position to see if it's possible.

The upbeat rhythm of 'Worship' by Lizzo plays while the Scarlet ladies do an experiment.

Sutton has an informational interview with Richard.

Sutton reveals more about her background. The touching 'Stay' by Claire Wyndham accompanies this poignant moment.

After their awkward encounter in the elevator, Jane tries to make a quick escape from "Pinstripe Guy."

'Some Kinda Wonderful' by Betty Who plays while Jane tries to hide her embarrassment.

Jane calls Kat with a major dilemma.

'Big Bite' by Fallulah plays as Jane faces another awkward situation.

Kat performs the ultimate act of friendship for Jane.

This outrageous moment between the three friends is accompanied by 'Gimme' by Hudson Thames.

There's a surprise for Kat when she arrives at the opening of Adena's show.

'Energia' by Sofi Tukker perfectly sets the scene for this buzzing New York social scene.

Kat finally finds the courage to talk to Adena.

Kat's heartache is highlighted by the soulful 'Hurts So Good' by Astrid S.

Jane decides to do something bold.

'Hands To Myself' by Selena Gomez plays as sparks fly between Jane and Ryan.

After a positive review from Jacqueline, Jane agrees to publish her article with her name on it.

The uplifting 'Phoenix' by Olivia Holt is a great accompaniment to this proud moment for Jane.

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