The Ladies Of The Bold Type Have Been Absolutely Killing It On Instagram

We wouldn't expect anything less.

Our favorite girls from Scarlet magazine have been total bosses this week. Sutton landed her dream job, Kat grabbed bicuriosity by the horns and kissed Adena, and Jane landed herself a spot on a political panel and had some "fun" with Pinstripe -- twice. Since we cannot get enough of The Bold Type, we've been catching up with Meghann, Aisha, and Katie behind the camera, and we can confirm that they are just as awesome as their on-screen counterparts.

Katie's jawline and Aisha's eyebrows were just too cool for this world.

We think you should watch #TheBoldType tonight! Just sayin! 9/8c on @freeform

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Meghann proved that the middle spoon is the happiest spoon.

Moody cause I'm always the big spoon & they ordered poke bowls without asking if I wanted one too.

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She also posted this image. We're not entirely sure what's going on, but we know we're jealous.

Katie celebrated Aisha's Teen Choice Awards nomination, while Aisha celebrated tropical fruits.

this beautiful pineapple is nominated for #TeenChoice #ChoiceSummerTVActress.. And by pineapple I mean @aishtray! Go vote!!!

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Have you ever seen a more chic girl gang than this one?

And finally, Katie reminded us that all good things must come to an end (sob) with this pic from their last day of filming.

Meghann, Aisha, and Katie -- we love you.

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