The Cast Of The Bold Type Are Our New Girl Crushes

Seriously. They have won our hearts.

Freeform's new show The Bold Type premieres July 11 and we're hyped to see the central friendship of Jane, Kat, and Sutton develop as they work at Scarlet magazine. We are also loving the fact that the actresses who play the Scarlet girls are best friends in real life. Let us introduce you to The Bold Type cast...

First there's Katie Stevens who plays Jane.

Jane is ambitious, a perfectionist, and has just received a promotion to become a Staff Writer for Scarlet magazine.

Next up is Aisha Dee who plays Kat.

Got that mean mug lean #SweetVicious 🚺

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Kat is the Social Media Director for Scarlet magazine. She is working hard to keep their content edgy and political.

And finally, there's Meghann Fahy who plays Sutton.

I slapped my own leg this hard idk what to say

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Sutton is currently an assistant at Scarlet magazine, but she has dreams of finding her place at the magazine.

The actresses seem to be genuine friends behind the camera.

They look seriously good together in group photos.


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The lift each other up (both emotionally and physically).

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They have no boundaries. Yes, that is Aisha's butt.

They chill out together.

where's the spa? #TheBoldType

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They celebrate their birthdays with giant balloons.

HAPPY BORN DAY @meghannfahy 💋

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They willingly invade each other's personal space on public transport.

Fahy, it's too early for photos. But youre always capturing the good ones. cred: @meghannfahy

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Basically, we love them all. Almost as much as they love each other.

Just a thruple of ladies in the back of a cab 🚕 #TheBoldType

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Don't miss The Bold Type premiere on July 11 at 8/9c right here on Freeform.

And to pass the time until then, check out these sneak peeks!

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