Use Dote To Instantly "Shop The Look" Of Season 1 Of The Bold Type

Finally we can dress like the women of Scarlet.

On the heels of the announcement of a second season for Freeform’s hit new series The Bold Type, the show has joined with shopping app Dote to bring their audience Shop The Look. Viewers can see an outfit they want on a character from the show and can shop similar outfits instantly from their phone. The Bold Type and Dote (1 million installs) have an energetic and highly engaged following among young women 15-35.

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Fans tweeted to @TheBoldTypeTV throughout the season wanting to buy the clothes of characters Kat, Jane, Sutton, Jacqueline and Adena. Dote had already launched Shop The Look with Apple Music’s Planet of the Apps with Gwyneth Paltrow (Dote’s advisor), Jessica Alba, the other celebrity advisors and the female founders of the show, so the quick next step was to launch with The Bold Type.

The conversation The Bold Type sparks about women in the workplace is the same conversation Dote inspires. The Bold Type depicts women as high-functioning and collaborative colleagues and showcases women who look like the wide range of women succeeding in the professional world. Dote is a women-founded, women-led and highly diverse company, including an over 50% female tech team. They’re leading by example and believing that their success will lead to more success for women and under-represented people in the currently homogeneous tech industry. The Bold Type and Dote receive daily DMs, emails, tweets and texts from young girls who tell them powerful women rock or that they're inspiring them.

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The ethos and brands of The Bold Type and Dote are a perfect match. Both speak to their audiences in the same off-the-cuff, empowering, funny and irreverent voice. Both are interested in inclusivity, with all women, girls and people feeling welcome and celebrated. Dote has 130+ of the most popular brands—Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Lululemon, MAC, etc.—products of every price point, every style, plus-size and petites, men's and home. It's an app for the ever-dynamic and evolving woman, who one day feels most like herself in bell-sleeved tunic from Free People, and the next in Zara vegan leather and lace. Jane, Sutton, Kat, Jacqueline and Adena each have distinct senses of self and gravitate toward different aesthetics but are growing and changing from moment to moment so the styles of each of characters evolve authentically.

Which outfit are you most excited to "Shop The Look"?

Can't decide? See all your favorite outfits in season 1 of The Bold Type right here on Freeform.

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