Check Out Our Official Guide To All The S4E15 Music Right Here

We're loving the soundtrack to this season!

The Fosters always has the BEST soundtrack, right?

They just always choose the right music to go with all the best moments. We're glad that The Fosters puts as much care into the music as the show itself, because it just all comes together to make an absolutely great TV show for us all to love! And when we're done watching, we can listen to the music and relive it all again! Check out our music guide to get your The Fosters groove on!

1. Brandon helps Emma by supporting her emotionally at the clinic.

And while she considers her choices, "Weight" by Lee DeWyze plays to remind us how heavy a decision this is for Emma, and how it might affect Jesus. Listen to it here.

2. Mariana gives AJ some news, AJ talks to Callie about her project, and Jude and Taylor talk about sex.

And while the plot thickens, we hear "Play" by Sunday Actors in the background.

3. Lena gives Callie some bad news about her senior project and Jude chats to a stranger on his dating app.

And the soundtrack to Callie's disappointment and Jude's dangerous exploration is "Wild Child" by Elijah which you can listen to here!

4. Jesus struggles with his growing paranoia, Mariana confronts Brandon, and Callie learns about Troy's choice on the settlement.

All the while "Currents of Time" by We/Or/Me provides us with a sad soundtrack to these dramatic moments. Want to hear more? Just click here.

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What was your favorite track from this week's music? Let us know in the comments!

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