Check Out Our Official Music Guide For The Dramatic Midseason Premiere

We're so happy that our fave show is finally back!

1. Brandon reminisces about his time at Juilliard and his lost love with Cortney.

While 'How Do You Say Goodbye' by Phillip LaRue plays in the background.

2. Jude and Noah explore the Coconut Telegraph, the boat they sneaked onto!

And the soundtrack to their mischief is 'Into The Wild' by Explorers.

3. Noah and Jude get caught on the boat while discussing the finer points of potato chips.

And 'Seventeen (Last Of The Summer)' by AYER is playing through the whole scene.

4. The boys make a quick getaway when the boat's owner arrives.

Marking their daring escape is 'You Make Me Happy' by Lazer Lover.

5. Jesus undergoes his operation while the Fosters anxiously wait for him.

Underlining the tension is 'More Alive Than Dead' by Joseph. Find the track here.

6. The moms finally get the news that Jesus is okay, they apprehensively break the news to the kids.

Meanwhile 'Desert' by Heather Woods Broderick plays in the background. Find that track here.

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