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If you appreciate sad songs, this is perfect for you.

S4E14 Music Guide

S4E14 - 'Doors and Windows' - really played with our emotions! Jesus seemed to be making progress, which is a huge relief, but then he loses his temper and shouts at Lena. Later he sees Brandon and Emma together and assumes the worst. This is a devastating blow for him and we can see he's struggling to hold it together. Callie also has her highs and lows. She's back at home and working on her senior project with AJ and Aaron, but she still feels guilty about letting down Kyle. She then argues with AJ, who only wants what's best for her. Relive these moments with our music guide below.

1. AJ helps Callie and Aaron with her project.

Callie's idea for her senior project is to build a replica of the jail cell where she was held. One small problem: she has no construction skills. Aaron is no help but luckily AJ arrives to save the day. '21' by Band & The Beat (ft. Tracy Shedd) plays faintly as the three friends discuss the project. Listen to the full song here.

2. AJ and Callie argue.

The group finish the construction of the cell, but AJ isn't happy when he finds out Callie wants to wallpaper the inside with notes from her juvie record. Aaron tries to explain its meaningfulness but this just annoys AJ even more. Later, Callie argues with him about her upcoming court case and she storms out on him. 'Before It All' by Chelan plays softly in the background during this scene; listen to it here.

3. Emma tells Brandon that she's pregnant.

In this highly emotional scene, Brandon finds Emma crying alone. She tells him that she's not ready to be a mother, and with Jesus' current condition, Emma doesn't know if she can even tell him he's the father. Meanwhile, Jesus is struggling to walk up the stairs. He sees Brandon and Emma leaving the bedroom together and assumes they've hooked up. The sadness of the situation is made even more poignant by the beautiful 'Small Leaf' by Hayden Calnin which plays throughout. Find the song here.

4. Callie and Aaron talk in the cell while Jesus has another setback.

Aaron tries to comfort Callie, who is upset that she wasn't able to help Kyle with his case. She doesn't think it's fair that she'll be free while he's stuck in jail for life. We also see Mariana start to come to terms with the mistakes she's made. Meanwhile, Jesus tries to read a postcard but can't make out the words and cries out of frustration. This is such a moving finale and is underscored by the tragic beauty of 'Limits' of Misty Boyce. Listen to it again here.

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