Discover All The Beautiful Tunes From S4E18 With This Official Music Guide

A serious soundtrack for some serious drama.

There were some great tunes in this week's episode.

And we bet you're itching to add all the tracks to your playlists, right? Well you can get all the information on the sounds of S4E18 with this official music guide. And don't forget, you can rewatch the full episode right here on Freeform!

1. Callie and Aaron talk about the case, and then Aaron invites Callie to his parents' house.

And while Callie starts to put together a plan, 'Hold On To That Feeling' by Jon Howard feat. Zac Farro plays in the background.

2. Callie gets Lena's permission to go to LA. Jesus and Emma make out.

And while the tension builds, we can hear 'Cherry Blossom' by Sharks in the Deep End. Find that awesome track right here!

3. Aaron confronts Callie about her choice to defend him. Noah and Jude have an argument.

And while the two siblings realize how important it is to know when to step back, 'Evergreens' by Violents, Jeremy Larson & Annie Williams plays in the background. Find that track on iTunes.

4. Jesus and Emma finally get some alone time.

But, while 'Superman' by KINGDM plays, they realize that everything isn't quite okay. Find that track on iTunes.

5. Aaron and Callie discover some crucial evidence for her case and are reminded of their feelings for each other.

And the whole time you can hear 'Away We Go' by Joshua Radin playing in the background. You can listen to that track right here.

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