Listen To The Beautiful Soundtrack From S4E13 Of The Fosters Here

Relive the most emotional moments from this heartbreaking episode with our music guide.

Mike invites Ana to move in with him.

In this scene, Mike asks Ana over breakfast if she and Isabella would like to move in with him. She is overjoyed and agrees, on the condition that AJ is happy with the situation. 'You Are My Home' by Man of Leisure plays, creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Listen to the full song here!

Noah gives Jude an envelope.

Noah sneaks into Anchor Beach School and meets Jude in the hallway. He gives something to Jude in an envelope and tells him not to open it in public. 'Skeletons' by Trail and Ways plays softly in the background while Lena secretly watches the boys from her office. Find the full song here.

Callie's father gives her a letter from AJ.

We don't often get to see the sympathetic side of Robert but in this scene he's clearly concerned for his daughter. She's scared of being stuck in juvie until she's 18. Robert promises to help her and gives her a letter from AJ. Meanwhile, Mariana visits Jesus but he doesn't immediately recognize her. She is shocked by his condition and Stef has to comfort her. These are touching moments and Jake McMullen's 'If I Go' provides a beautiful accompaniment. Listen to it again here.

Mat breaks up with Mariana.

Mat comes to the house to talk to Mariana and says he can't trust her anymore. He thinks she might have slept with Nick and doesn't know if he can believe anything she says. Mariana is heartbroken and begs him not to break up with her but he's made his decision. This is especially sad because we know Mariana hasn't done anything wrong. The song 'Five and Thirty' by Laura Gibson is the perfect, tragic choice of song for this scene. Find it here.

The family welcomes Jesus back home.

In the emotional final scene of S4E13, the Fosters throw a pizza party for Jesus, who has been released from the hospital. Callie has made bail and is also back at home. It's a huge moment for the moms to have their whole family back, even if it's just for a short time. 'Give Me Something' by Lee DeWyze is a triumphant, hopeful song to end the episode. It seems like such a happy conclusion until Jesus has an angry outburst and the mood darkens. Experience the highs and lows with this beautiful song again here.

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