Looking For Some Serious Tunes? You Should Check Out The Official S4E19 Music Guide

Watching one of the best dramas means listening to some of the best tracks, it just makes sense.

Again, The Fosters' soundtrack totally killed it this week.

The show always plays such perfect music -- we've been listening to the playlist all week! If you're itching for more episodes, and more tunes, you can rewatch Season 4 Episode 19 right here on Freeform.

1. Callie and Mariana discuss her trip with Aaron. Jude tries to tell Mariana a secret, but she refuses to hear it.

While Callie and Mariana bond, and Jude gets the hard shoulder, 'See Your Face' by Lava Beds plays in the background.

2. Callie, growing suspicious of Diamond, catches her doing something suspicious around the trash cans.

Callie's detective work is backed up by the intense 'All You Know' by brite.

3. Callie and Daphne find Diamond's secret phone, they call Stef hoping she might be able to help them.

The tension reaches boiling point while 'The Falling Kind' by Built for the Sea plays on.

4. Lena and Monte "stake out" the secret meeting Drew arranged to privatize Anchor Beach.

The two amateur spies make some startling discoveries while we listen to 'Gotta Get up' by Nevada Wild (feat. Sleepy Boy), a totally awesome track.

5. Jesus finally discovers Emma's secret, in the worst way possible.

And although at first everything seems fine, 'Still Got a Lot To Figure Out' by Ry Bradley plays as Jesus' whole world crumbles -- and our hearts break.

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