Rediscover All The Beautiful Songs From The Fosters S4E17

The music in this show is always perfect.

S4E17 had so many moments which made us tear up! It was an especially sad episode for Callie and AJ which was reflected in the music featured. All of these songs are so full of feeling and emotion -- listen to them again in the videos below.

1. Lena and Jesus come home after seeing a specialist.

Jesus needs special glasses to help him read but he's clearly self-conscious about the way he looks. The gentle 'Keep Moving On (Interlude)' by Armon Jay plays in the background. Find it here.

2. Callie sees AJ with Dawn.

Callie goes to meet AJ and is understandably upset when she sees him kissing another girl. The playful vibe of the song 'Come Out and Play' by The Sweet Serenades contrasts with Callie's sadness. Find it here.

3. Mariana gives some sisterly advice to Callie.

Mariana tries to make her sister feel better about what she just saw and suggests giving AJ some more attention. 'Couldn't Have' by ANML plays softly throughout the scene. Listen to the full song here.

4. Mariana proposes a senior project idea for Jesus.

She's desperate to help her brother any way she can and comes up with a cool idea for his project. 'Another City' by Mel Parsons adds a hopeful tone to the scene. Find it here.

5. Callie and AJ talk about their relationship and his adoption.

AJ explains that he plans to live with his brother instead of being adopted but feels bad for Mike. Callie tells him he needs to do whatever feels right to him. We hear the beautiful 'Hearts Up to The Sun' by Dylan Pratt during this emotionally intense scene.

6. Mariana tries to contact Gabe and Lena talks to a school board member. AJ and Callie confront their problems.

'Drifting' by Nate Eiesland plays through the final moments of this episode as we learn some dramatic information about Lena's new co-worker and Mariana tries to call Gabe about helping with the project. In a heartbreaking climax, AJ reveals that he does have feelings for Dawn.

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