Relive The Breathtaking Season 4 Finale Soundtrack With Our Official Music Guide

An intense finale with an even more intense soundtrack.

We can't believe that this season is actually over. 😭

Check out our music guide and remember that you can rewatch the most recent episodes of The Fosters Season 4 on Freeform!

1. Callie begs Stef not to tell the rest of the family about the outcome of her case. Emma confronts Mariana about her "No Secrets" Twitter account.

While all the drama unfolds, the soft tones of 'Pale White Horse' by The Oh Hellos plays.

2. Callie and Jude walk along the beach together, Callie tries to say goodbye.

The siblings share a beautiful moment with each other while 'Beautiful Thing' by Grave VanderWaal plays in the background.

3. Callie sings for Russell. Stef tracks Callie's phone.

If you listen closely, you might just hear the sounds of our hearts breaking, or maybe it's 'You'll Be OK' by our very own Callie & Brandon.

4. Jesus tells the moms about Emma's pregnancy. Callie struggles to sleep on one of her last nights in the Adams Foster house.

And the song underlying all the tension is 'Night Art' by Jeffrey Dean Foster.

5. Callie and Diamond are rushed into a scary motel by Russell and his goons.

And while Callie tries to understand her terrifying situation, 'Lost At Sea' by Fauntella Crow provides an incredibly haunting soundtrack.

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If you're already missing The Fosters you can always rewatch Season 4 Episode 20 to get by until Season 5!

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