The Adams Fosters: Then And Now

5 years later, still the family we know and love.

The first episode of The Fosters 3-night finale event was everything we could have hoped for and more! It was amazing getting to dive straight into the world of our favorite family after five years had passed and see everyone all grown-up. It certainly got us thinking that a lot has changed over the years ...


Instead of kicking ass in the police force, Stef is now kicking ass in social work. She runs a non-profit child welfare agency and a shelter for homeless families and abused women. Can you imagine anyone more suited to doing this? We're so proud of her! She's come so far since the earlier seasons when we saw her battle with demons and struggle to accept her true self - but now she has totally come out the other side. Also, she and Lena are still complete and utter #RelationshipGoals.


Lena is now on the public school board (after getting 79% of the vote!) and she loves it. Thankfully, her duties on the board aren't stopping her from being the best principal Anchor Beach has ever had. As she said herself: "It's important to have educators who are actually in the trenches." She and Stef are fostering another boy, Cory, and did we mention they're still complete and utter #RelationshipGoals?


Brandon got his BA in three years, and then his Masters from USC. As we all found out in the spring finale, he's engaged to Eliza - and they actually seem really sweet together. We're so happy he managed to find happiness after Grace. But we can already see that he's going to have his work cut out with his soon-to-be in-laws. They are ... um ... interesting.


Out of the whole family, Callie has probably come the furthest. When we first met her, she was fresh out of juvie and unable to trust anyone (except Jude). Now she's a law school grad who's interviewing for clerkships with judges and determined to do some good in the world. Her values haven't changed one bit! She and Aaron are just friends - she's actually able to joke about the heartbreak he caused her.


Jesus has got his contractor license! And he and Wyatt have started a custom treehouse business. They even have business cards. Despite his TBI, Jesus has done so well and we cannot help but be proud of him. Right now he's living in the garage at home and he was planning on moving in with Emma, but since he found out that she applied for a job in India, he doesn't seem to want anything more to do with her. We have no idea what's going to happen between them and it's killing us.


Mariana is still the same sassy girl we all know and love, proving to this day that "Bitches get things done." She's an MIT grad with multiple job offers all over the country, but before she starts working, she wants to go backpacking across Europe. What no one can believe, however, is that she wants to do it all by herself (although she may have just accidentally invited Wyatt). The love triangle between her, Wyatt, and Mat is still going strong. She isn't with either of them right now, but will that change?


You guys, look how much our little Judicorn has grown! We cannot get over this. He's just finished his first year at UCLA, but things aren't looking too good for him right now. He's been placed on academic probation and is in danger of losing his scholarship - and neither the moms nor Callie know yet. He's going to be okay, right? We really need Judicorn to be okay.

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