The Fosters Season 5 Premiere Music Guide

Every dramatic high and low note 🎶

The Fosters returned not only with heart-stopping drama but a soundtrack that heightened every single moment. Get the details on every track in the music guide, and if you're still not over everything that happened in the season 5 premiere, rewatch it here on Freeform

1. The Anchor Beach protest continues, much to Drew's annoyance.

And as things heat up, 'Spartans' by Emilie Ramirez plays on.

2. Scared for their lives, Callie sings for Russell while Diamond tries to put a plan together to help them escape.

Callie sings 'You'll Be OK' in the background, which Maia Mitchell sang herself.

3. While following Callie's phone, Stef desperately searches for her daughter at a store, but she isn't there.

We feel all of Stef's pain while 'Urchin' by Labyrinth Ear provides the tense soundtrack.

4. Callie and Diamond try to let Stef know where they are by secretly texting her, but Stef is in a car chase with the man she thinks has taken Callie.

The tension builds and builds to the sounds of 'Sound Your Bell' by Built for the Sea.

5. Jesus starts wrecking Brandon's room before Gabe rushes in to stop him. Callie reveals her real identity to Russell.

'Two Minutes Hate' by Carrollhood provides the soundtrack for each confrontation.

6. Callie and Diamond flee the motel as Russell and rival pimp Munchie end their fight with a gunshot.

'Who Will Fall' by Natalie Taylor plays during the terrifying situation.

7. Stef tells Callie about Troy's confession. Brandon shuts Jesus out. Mariana sends a defiant tweet. The mamas comfort each other. Callie struggles to process everything.

The episode wraps up to the sounds of 'The Sea' by Julie Title.

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