The Music In S4E12 Of The Fosters Was Perfect -- Listen To The Songs Here

Warning: you might cry!

Mariana asks Mat if he still loves her.

At first Mat is worried that Mariana still has feelings for Nick and he doesn't understand why she would visit him in jail. 'Gold' by Echos plays softly in the background as Mariana explains that she was terrified of Nick and doesn't want to lose Mat. Relive the emotional moment by listening to the song here!

Jesus sees Nick in his dreams.

During Jesus' dream, Nick appears dressed in a Santa outfit, holding a gun. He fires at Jesus, who dodges the bullet but it strikes Mariana. The scene is made even more surreal by the music; 'Deck The Halls' by Ingrid Andress and Eric Arjes is playing in the background. We then find out that Lena is playing Christmas music for Jesus while he sleeps because she knows he loves the holiday season. Experience this eerily beautiful rendition of a Christmas classic again here!

Brandon talks to Jude about the incident at the pier.

Brandon confronts his little brother about his behavior. At first Jude lies but then comes clean about sneaking onto the boat with Noah. Brandon is not impressed and wants Jude to stop smoking. 'Heavy Breathing' by Junk adds to the atmosphere of teenage rebellion as Jude argues that there's nothing wrong with weed. Find the full song here!

Callie is processed in juvie.

The high energy 'Nothing To Lose' by ANML plays during this montage as Callie goes through all the unpleasant and stressful stages of being processed. Callie has been in juvie before and knows the routine but that doesn't make it any easier. We can see that she feels totally helpless and alone. Click here to listen to the full song.

Jesus wakes up.

In one of the final scenes, Jesus finally wakes from his coma. Lena and Stef are overcome with joy and are there for Jesus as he struggles to understand what's happening to him. We hear 'Alright' by Fractures play and the song's gentle beauty creates an atmosphere of relief after an emotionally draining episode. Experience it all again by listening to the song here!

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