Were You Loving This Week's Soundtrack? Then Check Out The S4E16 Music Guide!

A great episode made even greater by some killer music!

Wasn't this week's soundtrack awesome? From AJ meeting Troy, to Stef and Lena getting married, every single music track was on point. If you want to relive the whole episode and it's FANTASTIC music, click here, and you can check out our music guide right now:

1. Jude struggles with some classmates teasing him about Lena's sex ed class, Callie catches AJ flirting with Dawn.

And the track playing is "Geeks On A Playground" by Brad Hooks.

2. AJ comes face-to-face with the super scary Troy.

And while they talk, "Keep Movin'" by Imaginary Future plays on in the background. Be careful around him, AJ!

3. Will hosts a dinner for the family.

We hear "Chanting For Freedom" by David Grumel playing as Sharon continues to feel conflicted about the wedding.

4. Much to Jude's embarrassment, Lena hosts a LGBTQ sex ed class at a local community centre.

And while the awkwardness continues we can enjoy "Go" by Sunday Lane. You can check out this track right here!

5. Noah is brave enough to ask a question during sex ed, Jesus and Emma have a heartfelt reunion, and Brandon and Grace set up their instruments.

And while we watch these new relationships develop, we hear "On Top Of The World" by Mindy Smith & Phillip LaRue. You can listen to it right here!

6. Jude and Noah have an open conversation about sex, Emma starts to realize that Jesus is hiding something, and Mariana finds out where Sharon is hiding from the wedding.

And while all the drama unfolds, "OK" by Branches plays to increase the tension!

7. Brandon and Grace play music as Will and Sharon walk down the aisle... but there's an unexpected twist in the ceremony.

The musical duo play a song called "For Once In My Life" and it's actually performed by members of the cast!

8. Stef and Lena surprise everybody by spontaneously getting married instead of Will and Sharon!

"If I Had Made You Up" by The Young Romans plays while our favorite couple on TV get married. It was all so romantic! You can listen to that track right here.

You can listen to all of your favorite songs on The Fosters playlist below!

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