Amy Juergens is an ambitious and musically-talented high-school student, whose life is forever changed by a Band Camp fling with the handsome and popular Ricky Underwood. Follow Amy, Ricky and their close-knit families and friends at Grant High School as they wrestle with Amy’s unplanned pregnancy — among other secrets.

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S1 E1

Falling in Love

S1 E2

You Are My Everything

S1 E3

I Feel Sick

S1 E4


S1 E5

What Have You Done to Me?

S1 E6

Love for Sale

S1 E7


S1 E8

Your Cheatin' Heart

S1 E9

Slice of Life

S1 E10

Back to School Special

S1 E11

Just Say No

S1 E12

The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager

S1 E13

Baked Nevada

S1 E14

The Father and the Son

S1 E15

That's Enough of That

S1 E16

Chocolate Cake

S1 E17


S1 E18

Making up Is Hard to Do

S1 E19

Money for Nothing Chicks for Free

S1 E20

Maybe Baby

S1 E21

Whoomp! (There It Is)

S1 E22

One Night at Band Camp

S1 E23

And Unto Us, a Child Is Born

S2 E1

The Big One

S2 E2

What's Done Is Done

S2 E3

Par For The Course

S2 E4


S2 E5

Born Free

S2 E6

The Summer of Our Discontent

S2 E7


S2 E8

A New Kind of Green

S2 E9

Hot Nuts

S2 E10

Knocked Up, Who's There?

S2 E11


S2 E12

Be My, Be My Baby

S2 E13

You Don't Know What You've Got

S2 E14

'Til It's Gone

S2 E15

Loved and Lost

S2 E16

Just Say Me

S2 E17

The Second Time Around

S2 E18

Let's Try That Again

S2 E19

The Rhythm of Life

S2 E20

Mistakes Were Made

S2 E21


S2 E22

Good Girls & Boys

S2 E23

I Got You, Babe

S2 E24

Ben There, Done That

S3 E1

Do Over

S3 E2

Accentuate The Positive

S3 E3

Get Out Of Town

S3 E4

Goodbye Amy Juergens

S3 E5

Which Way Did She Go?

S3 E6

She Went That A'way

S3 E7

New York, New York

S3 E8

The Sounds of Silence

S3 E9

Chicken Little

S3 E10

My Girlfriend's Back

S3 E11

Lady Liberty

S3 E12

Sweet and Sour

S3 E13

Up All Night

S3 E14

Rules Of Engagement

S3 E15

Who Do You Trust

S3 E16


S3 E17

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

S3 E18

Another Proposal

S3 E19

Deeper and Deeper

S3 E20

Moving in and Out

S3 E21

Young at Heart

S3 E22

Loose Lips

S3 E23

Round II

S3 E24

It's Not Over Till It's Over

S3 E25

To Be...

S3 E26

...Or Not To Be

S4 E1

When One Door Closes

S4 E2

Another One Opens

S4 E3

When Opportunity Knocks

S4 E4

One Foot out the Door

S4 E5

Hole in the Wall

S4 E6

Don't Go In There!

S4 E7


S4 E8

Dancing With the Stars

S4 E9

Flip Flop

S4 E10


S4 E11

The Games We Play

S4 E12


S4 E13

And Circumstance

S4 E14

Smokin Like a Virgin

S4 E15


S4 E16

They Gotta Eat

S4 E17

Suddenly This Summer

S4 E18

The Beach Is Back

S4 E19

The Splits

S4 E20

Strange Familiar

S4 E21


S4 E22

The Text Best Thing

S4 E23


S4 E24

Love is Love

S5 E1

To Begin With...

S5 E2


S5 E3

I Do and I Don't

S5 E4

Lies and Byes

S5 E5

Past History

S5 E6

Holy Rollers

S5 E7


S5 E8

Setting Things Straight

S5 E9

Property Not For Sale

S5 E10


S5 E11

Half Over

S5 E12

Hedy's Happy Holiday House

S5 E13

To Each Her Own

S5 E14

It's a Miracle

S5 E15

Untying the Knot

S5 E16

Shiny and New

S5 E17

Fraid So

S5 E18

Money for Nothin

S5 E19


S5 E20

First and Last

S5 E21

All My Sisters With Me

S5 E22

When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

S5 E23

Caught in a Trap

S5 E24

Thank You and Goodbye


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