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S1 E02 Where's Marty?

42:33 | 06/29/09 | TV-14 | CC

Marty and Lauren are gone, and everyone's scrambling to figure out what to do. While the adults gather at the Cruzes' house to strategize, Payson, Kaylie, Emily, and Becca secretly go to the Denver gym to confront Marty and Lauren.

Payson demands Marty explain why he abandoned them all, and, in a rare moment of weakness, she confesses that she doesn't think she'll be able to win without him. Marty tells her he left because the gymnasts at the Denver place are better than her. This triggers the famous Payson competitiveness, and she vows to beat them all.

Kaylie confronts Lauren, and it's clear that the hurt feelings between them run deep. Last but not least, Payson insists that Marty sign Emily's scholarship papers so she can continue competing.

Meanwhile, Lauren's not making any friends at the Denver gym, but her performance on the uneven bars is getting fierce. She also finds out that her dad and his executive assistant, Summer, are an item. Lauren's not thrilled, to say the least. But when her attempts to intimidate Summer fail, she realizes this woman may be different from her father's previous girlfriends.

In other matters of the heart, Emily discovers she has some serious chemistry with Kaylie's brother Leo. Kaylie and Carter keep sneaking around, but a close call with her dad makes them wonder how much longer they can keep their relationship a secret.

The biggest bombshell comes when Kaylie's mom, Ronnie, goes over to Marty's house ... and we learn that they had an affair. Steve Tanner found out about it and threatened to expose them if Marty didn't leave The Rock. (Which means Marty lied to Payson about the reason he left, so she'd stop feeling sorry for herself.) Ronnie thanks Marty for protecting her, but she says it isn't fair for him to take all the heat and that she can face the consequences. They're about to part as friends when Ronnie turns and runs into his arms. Little do they know that Emily's mom sees them locked in a passionate kiss.

Later that night, Marty calls Steve Tanner and tells him he won't play by his rules anymore. Does that mean Marty's going back to The Rock? What will happen if Steve exposes Marty and Ronnie's affair? And will The Rock ever be the same?

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